Friday, May 09, 2014

Long Time.

It been long time didn't write things up. Well, harsh time should I say? If you asking me, I would probably tell you, I'm fine. I'm really do, I would find some happy things, or chit chat with friend and get some laughter. I'm getting better, maybe not. But in this moment, when I blogging, something coming out from me, something deeply emotion hiding long time and now I'm just wanna burst out at all.

Like I said, taking too much caring it will kill you. You know, when people are starting to love someone think they fell in love with it, first thing they will act like not caring too much but in other ways they are. Paradox. Confuse. They doubt with it feelings, then came across they will try to find the answer along, discover the person they fell in love. In this particular moment, they will get hurt, envy, disappointed and angry. But, at the same time, the other side of yours will show up, forgive what they did to you. Stupid isn't? But, this is the exactly the beautiful chemical chain reaction of love.

For her, I think I should stop here, and some more stand out beside all of this, and some more just to make sure when she needs me, she know where can find me. Yeah, maybe now you will angry of it because why I'm still getting with it, but hey, I was doing it well okay? Just not like last time before, now I'm just more like a brother then friend. What I'm saying is, if you a Harry Potter fans, you should know Harry and Hermione relationship. There nothing but just only and only have friendship. Yeah, so now I'm doing this I guess, not for her but me.

Recently, what I found is I'm searching many outcast song that few people will listen. It contain sadness, relax, those tone just like you missing someone in a space time. Like they long gone, never comes back. I miss her, but not that much. I wonder my friend far away at UK, what would it feels like he was far away his girlfriend at here? Sometimes, I was worry about him, like he gonna collapse or crazy. So, I always be with him, from mid night till morning, it was good. We talk a lot, I mean everything, every single thing. That was very GAY, you can say so, but he is a friend that worth to keep.

It was a bit horrible, I wanna give myself a bit emotional this night, but seem it fail. That's mean I was getting better than before, or maybe I get use to it and no long a pain in my heart anymore? Well, we'll see.