Wednesday, December 28, 2016

End of 2016

Before I sleep
I going to note down something
Something happened in my dream yesterday
I guess is was secondary school reunion
I saw you
We walk through each other and I say "HI"
But you snub me off

The rest I can't remember
The moment you pass through me like a stranger
My sight went black and my mind fall into a rabbit hole
I open my eyes and woke up
The end is like a jump scare, sudden attack

Believe or not
I try to live a better life now
A life that keeps remind me
You are not coming back anymore
I'm just a stranger to your future and your past

Someday, I walk past through familiar roads or streets
Hope that I might met you
But only the memories bring you back to me
Good old memories
And it only stays there for eternity

I still miss you and I will always miss you

Oh ya
Remember the STAR WARS: The Force Awaken?
We watch together?
There was an old lady inside they called General? But she actually a royalty?
General Leia /Princess Leia the actress (Carrie Fisher) she passed away today
I guess the end of 2016 kinda sucks.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Some update might end here

How are you?
I wanted to abandon this place 
But seem like after all this time
I still back 

You will expect I will no longer update most of my status here
"When you live long enough, you'll learn wiser and keep all the secret along in your heart."
Maybe this said by someone else, maybe no, but these are my inner thought. 

My friend, you see, the point is, you, live until now, what do you achieve? 
To be honest, I did achieve something in my life, and I proud of it. 
If the grade is given of my life, the only subject I going to fail is the relationship. 

Despite I watched so many TV series, I feel like what they said is totally reflect on me. 
Filtration? I am sure can do it anytime to a girl. Well as long as the girl doesn't feel weird. 

You know what? 
In future time I might really forget all of the blogging stuff. 
Twitter is the only way I put my emotion on.
I just can't imagine that I going to put this all behind


All you need to learn and live with it
I am secret and lies, haven't reach betrayer. 
I hope someday I will 
or maybe not

Since in future society, there are no longer trust and real. 

If the person care enough 
or claim enough that 
you are one of the important people in their lives 
they will do something 
even the tiniest thing that you will notice 

That's what I told myself every night before I sleep.