Thursday, September 24, 2015

Midnight rush

I'm not insomnia, I'm just too tired to sleep.
Feeling so weak now, eyes want to close but I don't let it.
So cruel that I treat myself like that.
It's not cruel at all.
What I chosen, what I shall live with it.
Like a Pandora box.
Sleep. And I going to. Now.

Monday, September 07, 2015


After several months I abandon this blogger and stop writing about how I feel. Yeah, I'm back. Maybe after this I will more seldom update this blog. What can I update seriously? Question asking? I think that will do.

How recent life?
Well, I must say before new semester start I was lazy like hell. Eat sleep play repeat. But before last semester break start, I follow Selangor Chinese football team won the MCFA with championship. It's kinda a huge achievement in Malaysia Chinese football career. Once in a life time, I'm very grateful that my friends come and support. Coaches gave me the early chance to bring team qualify the group stage. After that, I myself form a team go of a MCA futsal tournament. We qualify the group but stop at quarter final. It's a good experience, I never play futsal tournament before.

Now new semester start, knowing I have fail one of the subject from last semester. It's kinda sad, because it is on pending, maybe fail maybe not, so it's killing me, all is well. This semester all of the subject is my favorite, and I hunger for good result, true and a must.

How love life?
Hmm.. This is tough question, since past event happened I think I still in the aftermath. But good to let you know my life become more easier than before. I mean I change the way that used to be. I keep myself a part. How about hers? Maybe she doesn't deserves at all like my friend said, but I keep a part of her too. Maybe the feeling will fade away when time goes by.

FYI, I kinda love the single and didn't have anyone to crush on feels. I never felt so relieve before.

How family?
Not good. I think really not that good. Family now going thought hard time. I try everything I can to support the situation now. Devastated. That what I can say for now.

I think that all. What I can want more when I have bunch of friend DotA with me at night time?  Or discover a lot of Space documentary and physic theory for my further knowledge? Or kinda lot of series waiting me to watch: Arrow, Flash, Gotham, The Walking Dead and Big Bang Theory. Maybe sometimes re- watch previous season for waiting new season coming.

Goodnight, world.