Sunday, October 28, 2012

A short write

After that
Since I broke up with SUEC
bye SUEC
hope I can find a better Result in future

Just revive from sick
last night the virus was killing me hole time
can't sleep well, wide awake sometimes
but today better, but less hunger

Two day before the sick comes
I was go to a friend home one night and at CC play hole night
that night Machi and I didn't sleep at night but until 7am we slept to 8am
At 1st I though I was okay for me later I begin tired and want to sleep hole day
but I can't because the sick was come to me

The September are ends
October are soon gone with whisper
And November Start with joyful tear
A new journey start with December

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Shout Loud

Hungry at home when night
SUEC is coming soon, but I try not to be so nerves of that 
Try to keep going on a book every day
So I can convince myself "I Try  My Best"

Really damn happiest things in this month I think is the Champion Of CHKL Football Match Competition!
No doubt 
It's 3th Time I win this Cup proud of that
And I never forget the 1st time I won it
I won it when I have a beautiful girl beside on me
That's my school football career start
And now
End with same but the girl is not mine
But I glad she was came with my invited 
This was the last time she saw me on the field
Kicking football with "all-out"

Well, use to be love she the most
now still the same, never change since broke up
but day by day, the strong love have become weaker 
I will never forget what the beautiful things we did together in the school life
and I will let you go when the times are right, since we promise, Right?
I will, I swear! Will let you go!
but wishing you with the other guy are unable for me
Because it can't be done


Because A person you love the MOST that
When you wishing she or he WITH FULL OF "HAPPY", "JOY", "HOPE"

It's obvious